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Zebulon Motorsport

Made-To-Order Carbon Fiber Rear Wing

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Made-To-Order Carbon Fiber Rear Wing

Zebulon's design team has one goal: stop at nothing to allow you to go faster. This is why our design services produce some of the best performing products on the market. You'll also never need to go elsewhere to get these products made; Zebulon builds them in-house, helping to create some of the quickest cars on the grid.

From one-off designs to broader scope production runs, Zebulon will give you the edge you have been looking for. 

All Zebulon wings have been specially designed with top level motorsport knowledge and iterative design techniques using Computational Fluid Dynamics, validated with wind tunnel and empirical testing.  Our production, made-to-order wings are targeting a range of application use-cases, from maximum downforce and high L/D, to more modest downforce levels with exceptionally low drag characteristics. 

    Over the coming months we'll be adding more products and services to our online store in an effort to streamline our customer experience. In the meantime please reach out via the Contact Us page